Flexible to suit all your needs

We don’t play by the 9 to 5 (‘what a way to make a living…‘) rules

Instead, we work around you. If you need something that will take us two hours to do, then that’s fine. We’ll do it, we’ll hand it back over and we’ll wave you goodbye. If, however, you need something that will run and run, well, that’s music to our ears too.

Some of our clients need extra resource, and we’ve quickly established ourselves as a trusted part of their team. Just in a different office. Probably with nicer tea and coffee. This works too. We can get to grips with the culture and ethos of a client and our PR and comms are all the better for it.

So, whatever you need, a quick-fire press release, an involved annual report, a few chats about the direction of your communications, or something meaty that you simply don’t have the time to devote to, give us a call. We’ll bend over backwards to be your flexible friends.